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In order to help others better connect themselves, I speak on the topics of intuition and nutrition. Known for always speaking from the heart, I bring palpable resilience, authenticity, and positivity to live and virtual stages.

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Trust Your Gut (Even Though You Are Not Sure)

Have you ever had that feeling, somewhere between your chest and gut. The one that tells you to do, or not do something. The voice from inside that at times seems to push you forward, or hold you back. The reality is that when you don't listen to this voice, you miss the power of tapping into your intuition and your true self. I outline how to navigate listening to yourself, to help guide you through life's big and small decisions.

You Are What You Eat (So Choose Wisely)

As a lover of Mediterranean food, I outline the benefits of the Mediterranean diet over those of the traditional Western diet. A story-driven talk filled with examples that connect your well-being to the food you eat, you will open your eyes to food that can fundamentally change your life. More than just a diet, discover how food can become part of your lifestyle, to help you reach optimum mental and physical health.

The Time I Wish I Could Forget

The video of George Floyd’s murder brought back the sight, smell, and feelings of learning that entire villages of the Kurdistan region were eradicated, simply because they were a minority.  This talk is a contemporary tale that recounts why experiences are so powerful in our daily lives, especially those that have happened in the past. Discover a way to turn what you wish you could forget, into a key part of who you are today.


"I found Dr. Shali's talk to be refreshing. Filled with her personal stories, it was clear that her expertise comes from her real life experience."  - Ryan Foland, Author, Ditch the Act

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